Aikido of Tucson wishes to share it’s unmatched training space with another highly dedicated Tucson group on a long-term basis. Since we only use it for 4 sessions a week, we simply wish to rent it out and share it with you at a reasonable rate.

 Centered around a 30x50 foot training space including a firm mat and built-up floor, this simple yet expansive dojo provides the perfect location for everything from martial arts to tumbling to yoga to meditation. Excellent for both small and large group activities.

High ceilings offer an open, airy feel. North and south walls have garage-style bay doors that can be opened to provide an open-air training space.

Space also includes dedicated men’s and women’s dressing rooms as well as a bathroom.

For information about renting our space for your seminar, class or event, please contact or 520.623.1224.





Aikido of Tucson